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Balancing Your Brand’s Image By Combining PR, Social Media, and Influencer Marketing

Author: Tamryn Sher

What exactly is Public Relations? Well, Public Relations (also known as PR) focuses on changing the way people perceive brands and their reputations, by using targeted media strategies.

Creating a great brand marketing strategy is all about the power of your storytelling. Storytelling attracts attention, and attracting attention across multiple platforms gains and retains more attention. In practice, this aids in attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

Social media marketing has drastically increased over the last couple of years and nowadays, your brand can’t afford to not have a social media presence. This networking tool opens you up to thousands of new customers who may not know that they need your product/service until they see it.

Influencer marketing is on the rise, with brands partnering with social stars (100k+ followers) for reach, macro-influencers (50k+ followers) for relevance and micro-influencers (-10k followers) for authenticity. Using a combination of influencers and boosting their posts, helps expose your brand to a variety of new audiences. It’s important to note that without a clear strategy, neither social media nor influencer marketing, will yield the results you want.


  1. Public Relations will target media through print (magazines and newspapers), online websites and broadcast (radio and TV platforms).
  2. Social media targets a completely separate (although, at times overlapping) audience, across LinkedIn, Facebook and many others.
  3. Influencer marketing generally attracts people online who ‘follow’ people that they find aspirational. These followers see brands that influencers may be using or talking about, and are likely to create or add to an online conversation about these brands, and may ultimately want to try/use these brands.

By using all three strategies, and telling one consistent story, you can improve the depth of your brand’s message and build trust between your audience and your brand. This method also creates awareness around your brand and increases engagement online as well as through word of mouth.

Depending on what you are marketing, you may not need all three services, but effectively using a minimum of two out of three of these is highly recommended for building your brand. Luckily for you, we offer all three!

Contact us here or email [email protected] if you would like to find out more about how we can assist you.

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