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How Your Brand Can Influence Your Audience Through Tried and Tested PR Tactics

Author: Tamryn Sher

By using targeted media strategies, effective Public Relations (PR) has the power to change the way people perceive brands, and thereby alter their reputations. Utilising tried and tested PR tactics, here is how your brand can influence your audience.

1. Consistency is king:

In order to take up space in the consumers’ minds, your brand’s messaging needs to remain consistent because this is how you earn your audience’s trust over time. When your brand’s messaging is consistent, you come across as reliable, which aids in growing your audience base. Stick to what works, repeat your messaging, and give your audience time to understand your brand – and start trusting it.

2. Content is king:

This famous phrase was first coined by Bill Gates. He was referring to the internet when he said it, however, it’s widely used among marketers because it relates to us just as much. Your brand needs to continuously be communicating with your target audience though interesting and relatable content. Using PR, social media and influencer marketing are some of the ways you can do this. Other ways include newsletters, podcasts and brand blogs. NB. You need to educate your audience on how you are continuously providing value to them in order to stay relevant.

3. Strategy is king:

Without a well-thought-out strategy of how your marketing and advertising elements work together, your brand will be shouting into the wind. When communicating with your audience, you need to be singing from one hymn sheet, in one tone, with a golden thread that ties everything together. You need to be saying the same thing, across multiple platforms – just communicating that same thing in slightly different ways.

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