Remote Work: How to Keep That Company Culture Buzzin' in the Digital Realm

Remote Work: How to Keep That Company Culture Buzzin’ in the Digital Realm

Let’s hit pause on our Netflix binges and home workouts to chat about the elephant in the room — working from the comfort of our own four walls. Remote work has been a game-changer, no doubt, but it’s also left us scratching our heads about how to keep the vibes and culture alive, especially in the world of digital and creative agencies.

WFH: The Double-Edged Sword

First off, let’s talk about the positives. Working from home (or WFH for those in the know) gives us loads of freedom. No pesky commutes, more time for personal stuff, and hey, you can even attend meetings in your PJs if you fancy it (not that I’ve done that… ahem). But let’s keep it real, we sometimes miss the camaraderie, the office banter, and the general vibe that comes with a shared workspace.

The Challenge for Digital and Creative Agencies

When it comes to digital and creative agencies like ours, that whole culture thing becomes even more important. We thrive on collaboration and spontaneous bursts of creativity, which are frankly hard to replicate over a Zoom call. If you think about it, your newest team members might never have set foot in your office, met their colleagues face-to-face, or even know what it’s like to get involved in a classic office wind-up. Madness, right?

Maintaining the Buzz — Virtually

Alright, enough of the doom and gloom. How do we actually keep the culture strong, engaging, and positively buzzing in a virtual world? Here are some top tips:

Virtual Socials: From trivia nights to virtual happy hours, keep the social events rolling. You might not be able to hit the pub together, but a BYOB Zoom call can still bring the team closer.

Regular Check-ins: Not just the “Have you sent that email?” kind of check-ins, but genuine “How are you doing, mate?” convos. Encouragement and emotional support are as important as deadlines and targets.

Daily Stand-ups: Hold short, daily video calls to keep everyone on the same page. Use this time for team members to share what they’re working on and where they might need help. Plus, it’s an opportunity to see each other’s lovely faces!

Personalised Shoutouts: Nothing says ‘you’re smashing it’ like a personalised shoutout in team meetings or company-wide emails. Make it a routine to celebrate small wins and big achievements alike.

Flexibility Is Key: Last but not least, offer flexibility whenever you can. Not everyone’s home situation is conducive to a strict 9-to-5. Being understanding about working hours or personal challenges can go a long way in keeping that company culture sweet.

In a world where the line between work and home is increasingly blurred, having a strong, positive company culture can make all the difference.

So, keep the chat flowing, the virtual socials going, and the shoutouts coming. 

Until next time, Gwen! 🚀

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